Failure is not an option. Says who?

Have you ever felt you have failed (badly) in your life?

I could say I have failed. I have failed to make a career as a scientific researcher. After years of studying to become a researcher all of a sudden the illness hit me. It was schizoaffective disorder and I could not believe it. I somehow came through the first three episodes. However, illness and working day after day in an uncomfortable environment made me say goodbye to my career dreams at the age of 34.

Some people think one has to reach the peak of their career between the age of 30 and 40, for after 40 one starts to get old. Now I am beginning a whole new profession – helping others based on the experiences I went through. I don’t plan to start getting particularly old at the age of 40. Actually I plan to be a peak performer as a self-help writer and a motivational speaker sometime around 50. So now at 35 I still probably have 60 more years to go, so I have time.

I also don’t care if I fail, because in all these years of fighting with my schizoaffective disorder I learned to fail properly. Something on the lines of Frank Sinatra’s song I did it my way. »I bit off more than I could chew«, but then again I ate it up all by myself. So, frankly speaking: »The record shows I took the blows and did it my way«.
Or if I put it in modern new age terms: I made my decisions, I took action and I accepted all the responsibility for my action. And frankly speaking: I don’t care if I fail, since I can always say I did my best.

I have learned that blaming somebody else for your failure is not an option. One has to take responsibility for one’s life. However, failure IS an option, because sometimes you have to admit defeat.

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