Soothing autumn colours

Today I want to share with you something that might be useful to you. It’s autumn now in Europe, the States etc. Have you tried walking in a forest? It’s great. I noticed that the older I get the more I am impressed by the warm autumn colors ranging from brown to yellow. I enjoy the whole palette: orange, crimson, scarlet, pale yellow, intense yellow and of course the soothing brown.

Yesterday I went picking chestnuts in the woods. I heard nothing but the birds, the cracking of old branches and the falling of chestnuts to the ground. The sun gave the reddish bark of pine trees a magical touch. The odor of pine resin worked as an aroma therapy. The silence of the forest silenced my mind. The soul peace set in – a crucial thing for any person, the ones with and the ones without the schizoaffective disorder.

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