Why worry – we only last a split of a second

Yesterday my husband and I went for a 4-hour-long walk along an Alpine valley. The path was covered with snow. There were icicles hanging from a very special rock-formation called “spodmol”. From a distance a “spodmol” looks like a large opened mouth. The path led us through this mouth from one corner of the lips to the other. So when we were in this rock-formation, it felt like a nice shelter over our heads with a great view into a mountain creek below. The icicles looked like curtains over the upper third of our “window” that was offering us the great view. There was an information-plate telling us about the history of this rock formation. When we saw the millions of years it took for the stone to become such a nice “mouth”, we suddenly became aware of the age of the universe. And we thought of ourselves as being just a shooting star in comparison with the rocks surrounding us.

Well, the upper paragraph might seem as a very useless imagery. However it might actually be put to some use, when you are desperate or very angry. First think of those rocks that have patiently waited for you to appear and marvel at their beauty. They don’t mind the rain, the cold, the heat. They don’t mind the forces of time changing them. They don’t even care if some day they break, fall off the creek-bank and end up being some insignificant pebbles nobody notices. We – human beings – on the other hand worry too much about our short existence. We only last a split of a second compared to rocks. Yes I know it seems like eternity when you are in pain. Nonetheless it might relieve some of the pain, if you think our existence is nothing compared to the infinity and eternity of the universe.

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