Your daily routine

Some people find “a daily routine” boring. What I experienced today shows the contrary.

I have this daily routine habit that I try to keep regardless of weather. I go for a walk. Some days I prefer the forest by the river close to where I live. I call it a magical forest, since it is so quiet. All you can hear is the river, dry branches falling to the ground and the beautiful songs of birds. The path is only reachable by foot, so there is no traffic.

If I have more energy I ascend a hill nearby and enjoy the great view of the town beneath and of the Alps in the distance. I walk past isolated farms, fields, forest patches, meadows and pastures. Sometimes the sound of a farm tractor interrupts the silence but most of the time it is quiet.

Despite this mild beauty of my solitude in the nature — on some days I prefer to take a walk towards the centre of the town I live in. It’s usually when I don’t have any appointments. I work at home, so if there is no meeting, I start missing company a bit.

Despite these three variations it might get a boring routine, if I wasn’t paying interest to details. I notice all kind of changes in the nature: the level of the water in the river, the color of the leaves, the new blossoms, the color of clouds, the moods in people passing by etc.

However today I experienced something anyone would notice. It was the first snow. I was happy as a child. Snow makes my joy for life surface. I do feel a lot like a child, when the first snow covers the streets and gardens. There’s nothing like the creaking of the snow under one’s shoes. And the beauty of the snowflakes that come in all sorts of shapes is just marvelous. All the worries of every-day life seem to be covered. The world seems to have fallen asleep. After a while one starts freezing and then there’s nothing nicer than sitting inside a warm home and watching the snowflakes slowly falling to the ground.

There are some days, when I don’t want to go for a walk, because I think I have to do some more work. I always regret it, for the next day I wake up with a headache. I could see my sensitive brain as my drawback, but I choose not to. I see it as my jewel enabling me to marvel at the nature’s beauty every day or to run into an acquaintance in the town centre and have a nice chat.

How different from the times years ago when I was so depressed that I wouldn’t even get out of bed the whole day. I remember struggling for hours to get me up, put on my shoes and go for a 10-minute-walk. I think it wasn’t even half a mile. I felt like a loser, because prior to the depression I had done some really long hikes and I had even run the 26-mile-marathon. Yes I felt like a real loser back then, when I was only able to walk for 10 minutes very slowly. But if I think of it today — it wasn’t in vain. Every step counts. Whatever you do — never give up totally.

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