A bad night’s sleep

Last night I went to bed at 9 pm. I fell asleep in an instant. It seemed like a good night. Then all of a sudden I woke up from an unpleasant dream. I felt a burning sensation in my stomach. I got up. It was 2 am. And I didn’t panic. What a change! If this had happened a month or so ago, I would have gotten worried. I had only slept for 5 hours.

I prepared myself something warm to eat and went back to bed. Still I didn’t fall back asleep. Nevertheless I didn’t panic. I rested in bed with my eyes closed.
Then at 5 am I started coughing. I was fed up with lying in bed. Therefore I finally got up, got dressed, made myself a cup of chamomile tea and switched on my computer.
There are two reasons why I didn’t panic. First: my thoughts were calm all the time, thus it couldn’t have been anything psychological. Second: I have been doing a special exercise called number 8. This is one of the basic exercises of the Phyllis Krystal method. Number 8 helps us to stop other people or things having control over us. You can guess whose control I am trying to break these days: the control of the schizoaffective disorder over me. It works.

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