Cutting the Ties in Munich

Cutting the Ties by Phyllis Krystal MethodI have promised to write a blog about the Phyllis Krystal Method Training Program, Session 2, which took place in Munich from the 28th till the 31th of October 2010.

In Phyllis Krystal Method we cut the ties to people and things that control us. Many times we are not aware of the control some people or things have over us, but with this method we can explore the controlling ties in detail. When we then cut the ties to a person, his or her control over us stops, but it also works vice versa – we stop our control over him or her as well. Thus we can all become free. Freedom means that we are in contact with our “Real Self” and that we can become who we really are. For example: if someone was forced into some profession by his or her parents, he or she can cut the ties to the parents and with time there will be a way of switching to the profession that person always longed for. Phyllis advises everyone to cut the ties to their parents, even if they are very good parents, for this basically means growing up. My relationship to my parents improved a lot after having cut the ties to them.

What about things that control us? It can be anything from roles that we play, to bad habits, addictions etc. I want to talk about a specific role I cut the ties from last month in Munich. It’s called: people pleaser. Now, there is nothing wrong with pleasing people, when time is right and to some extent. However, if I tend to play that role all the time and exaggerate in pleasing people, I will eventually burn out. It also prevents me to really express who I am, if I act pleasingly all the time. As long as WE use a certain role, it’s alright. When the ROLE is using us, we are not free anymore. In Munich Phyllis Krystal first led us through visualizations, where we detected our annoying roles. Afterwards she gave us instructions how to cut the ties to these roles. More info: .

For those who have a mental illness and might want to try this method – always get a permission to join a Phyllis Krystal Method seminar from your psychiatrist. If one is hallucinating for example, he or she will not be able to tell the difference between Phyllis Krystal visualizations and the symptoms of the illness. I had been stable for 3 years, before I started working with this method in 2006. And the most important warning: do not think you can quit medication, if you start working with this method. You need to continue taking the pills or getting injections, until you psychiatrist tells you, you do not need them any longer. We exist on more levels and each level has to be treated separately: the biochemical level with medication, the mental level with visualizations or similar methods etc. You will be able to read more about those different levels in my self help book to be published next year.

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