I am back

I am back from the very intensive seminar in Munich. Our teacher Phyllis Krystal will be 96 in April and she is still able to work full time for four days in a row. She is more than amazing. She is a miracle. The next training is in October. First I was asking myself: “Why do we need half a year from one training to another?” Today I know the answer. It’s because we need a very long break. And it’s also because she gave us a lot of homework. Till October we are supposed to practice and write a report about it. For me this will be nothing new really, for I have been working with her method — the so called Phyllis Krystal method — for four years now. However I can imagine that this homework will change the lives of people who have only started to work on themselves. Some of the participants in the seminar were beginners namely. It will change their lives just as it has changed mine. For the better of course.

The method improves our self-image and thus makes it easier to cope with our schizoaffective disorder. You have to be very careful though and always talk things through with your psychiatrist. The method might be too intensive for your brain, so don’t try anything before consulting your psychiatrist. And never stop taking the medication! Also don’t start working with this method on your own only according to the books by P. Krystal. Join a seminar first. In seminars you can find mentors to help you doing the exercises. Find more information about the method: http://www.phylliskrystal.com/

You will be able to read more about my experience with this method in my next blog.

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