My Last Year On-Line

In a way, the last month was a milestone for me:

  • It has been a year since I started writing my blog (my first post was on the 12th October of 2009).
  • The idea of having a dedicated web site matured and has already been realized to some degree. This is after one year of posting the blog on other web sites (like: e-blogger,,,

These are the two reasons why I have decided to give you some feedback about my forty or so posts. I thought it might be interesting to see which posts were most “popular”. Below is a table of 10 posts that you liked most.

You can see the publishing date and the number of views. Please note, that some posts have more views because they have been published sooner than others. In a year time frame, the situation may change. The statistics (the number of views) is taken from web site.

1 25th January 2010 Trust the Man – or Woman 619
2 30th November 2009 Failure is not an option. Says who? 449
3 16th November 2009 Why me? 426
4 3rd May 2010 The power of humor 372
5 12th October 2009 Gold of the Desert Kings 331
6 24th May 2010 Society expects 322
7 4th January 2010 The Big Picture 315
8 14th December 2009 Your daily routine 298
9 5th April 2010 Drawing the line in a relationship 298
10 5th July 2010 Bringing Theory into Practice 290

The following is my view on this list, although my interpretation is not necessarily the same as yours:

The first three blogs probably show how isolated we have become as human beings: we find it hard to trust people (1), we keep competing with others (2) and when something goes wrong, we think it is a punishment from above (3).

Luckily all other blogs are pointing towards possible solutions: humor (4), education (5), using our own capability to think and not waiting for others to tell us what to do (6, 7), working hard to change ourselves not the world around us (8), but also trying to fix our relationships with other people at the same time (9). And last but not least – bringing theory into practice instead of only reading self help books (10).

I would appreciate to hear from you. Thus I can make my blogs even more useful. And thank you again for all your comments that have already been posted!

Take care,


P.S.: In my last post “Tired, but happy” I said I would write about the Phyllis Krystal seminar in Munich. I will do that next week.

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