My True Self

My True Self

If we look really deeply into our hearts, the horizon will clear and we will see a shimmering light showing us the way …

Has my last blog maybe inspired you to write down your wishes and think about them? Do you find you could abandon some wishes in order to reduce stress in your life? Mind your basic needs and your responsibilities towards other people of course. You probably should not cross out your “wish to eat healthy food”, for in my opinion this is our basic need. Similarly you probably should not cross out your wish to be a reliable employee or a reliable employer, for this is our responsibility, not our wish.

There is another aspect of wishes next to their number that can be examined. Are those wishes on your list really yours? Do you iron everything except socks and towels just because your mother was doing it, when you were a child? Ironed clothes are not a basic need. You can select the clothes you will iron. I for example iron only shirts. All the rest just needs to be dried in a proper way and then looks perfectly fine to me.

Or are you maybe in a profession that was imposed on you by your parents? As far as profession or job or hobby choice is concerned, we better follow our own wishes. They usually tell us, what we were sent for. Either our job or our hobby is our mission in life. The wish that withstands all the above mentioned selection procedures is usually our mission in life. It is usually what we dreamed of doing when we were little.

Let me give you an example. Let’s take somebody who discovers a passion for painting for example. The usual way through life would be respectively: grammar school, high school, art college, selling painting plus some back-up activity like giving arts classes. However, life sometimes puts lots of obstacles in our way. A common example would be a talented artist, who could not study at an art college for financial reasons or because his/her parents would not let him/her. That person then does the schooling for another profession and has a job that has nothing to do with paintings. But he/she can still pursue a hobby and make paintings for his/her own pleasure. Later in life new possibilities may open up for becoming a professional.

If we look really deeply into our hearts, the horizon will clear and we will see a shimmering light beckoning to us from a distant shore. We may never reach that shore, but the light will see us through the storms the ocean of life had prepared for us. And also at still times, when there is no wind in our sails – we can practice patience. The day will come, when we can continue to pursue the job or hobby we were meant for.

A wish analysis helps us to see that there are only a few wishes that really matter. Life on the other hand, teaches us patience in fulfilling them.

I would really appreciate to read about your experience with true wishes.


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  1. Bridget says:

    I love your emphasis on making sure your wishes are your own rather than those we wish for or because of other people. I will let you know how it goes!

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