Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring Dreams

Just like the light coming from the right hand side makes the yellow leaf slightly transparent – so does dream interpretation shine a light on our everyday frustrations.

There are a lot of methods of dream interpretation – I use the Phyllis Krystal method. In this method we assign special importance to reoccurring dreams. I have been having a very unpleasant dream for over a decade. It appears in slight variations, but the core story is always the same: I pack my bags, for I am leaving some place for good (moving to another town). I find it very hard to leave things at the place where I used to live. They are always some very old and completely useless things like old clothes I will never wear again or old newspapers, sometimes even some rotten food. So I keep packing and packing until I miss the plane, the bus or the train.

I used to see these dreams as merely an unpleasant nightmare. Today, however, I see it as something else as well – a reminder that I am supposed to leave the past behind. The voyage in my dream probably means moving into the future. The useless things that I desperately strive to take with me on this voyage are some past unpleasant experiences that I am not willing to let go – resentment towards other people and the feeling of guilt on my side.

Thus I have come to the conclusion that my reoccurring nightmare is actually useful. Each morning after such a dream I try to thing: What am I not willing to let go this time? Whom am I not ready to forgive? Myself? Others?

Nightmares, especially the reoccurring ones are trying to tell us something. Let’s explore our real life while our knowledge is enriched by the message from our sleep. The sleeping hours are our contact with our sub-consciousness. Let’s value that source of information. But also: let’s be careful, if we have a mental illness. Always consult your psychiatrist, before you attempt to analyze your dreams. During a mental illness episode your brain is too tired to go about an analysis like this. Wait for brighter times to come. Don’t worry – the important dreams will reoccur.

Please share your thoughts on dreams. I would love to hear from you.


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