Rose Will Be Rose

Rose will be roseWhat on earth do I mean by that? I am talking about one’s innate character, about personality traits like being a perfectionist or the tendency to feel deep emotions to name a few. Or let’s take their opposites – the ability to be quick at work, the tendency to feel only shallow emotions and stay calm in tense situations. One cannot change his or her innate character, all we can do is take good care of ourselves. And how can we do that? First by learning to accept and love oneself just the way one is. And then by choosing the right lifestyle according to one’s personality traits. For balancing bipolar or for preventing any other mental illness one’s lifestyle is of great importance.

I have found a good description of an aspect of my innate character on the internet earlier this month. It turns out I am a HSP, which stands for highly sensitive person. The following list is provided by Michael R. Smith, Ph.D of to help you discover if you are a HSP or an empath:

1.You look at someone and “just know” their emotional state.

2. You can feel the energy coming at you (or being drained) from another person, especially from the eyes.

3. You have a blocked feeling in your chest [or core], as if someone is tugging on it.

4. Tend to run away from people when stressed, rather than engage.

5. You’ve been called “oversensitive,” especially if you’re male.

6. Always know where danger may lurk. (Curiously, you may have avoided accidents).

7. Are drawn to the tranquility of animals.

8. Are drawn to mountains, nature, the ocean – anywhere outdoors.

9. Cannot bear violence in any form.

10. Can easily produce tears, sometimes at will.

11. You can feel the physical aches & pains of others.

12. Feel better after a good, intense cry.

13. See things from the “bigger picture” and from “the larger scheme of things.”

14. Are overwhelmed by large crowds or mobs (e.g. shopping malls).

15. Can sometimes feel affected by the energy of the full moon.

16. Have intense, fantastic, and sometimes lucid, dreams.” (end of quotation)

It is amazing how well this list describes my personality. If you google up Michael R. Smith’s page, you will also find guidelines for a proper lifestyle to reduce the impact of the environment on a HSP. It is equally amazing that I already follow the guidelines, for I have discovered a proper lifestyle for me by using the Phyllis Krystal Method and by having consulted a Traditional Tibetan Medicine doctor. In order to take good care of “the rose”, I need to avoid evening parties, crowds, loud music and listen to soft instrumental music, do walks in nature, have a balanced diet etc. You cannot become s sunflower, if you are a rose. But you sure can take good care of that rose.

6 Responses to “ “Rose Will Be Rose”

  1. Andrej says:


    I can hardly recognize my sister … but I support you 110%!!!


  2. Jerome Kaplan says:

    Congratulations & Good Luck on your new Blog site!

  3. Rachel Sersha says:

    I so enjoy reading your posts. They are so introspective and make me think.

    • Helena Smole says:

      Thank you, Rachel. I am glad I can be useful 🙂 Introspection shows many things. If people read about my findings and maybe find some similarities in their personalities, lives or health problems, they feel that they are not alone. This way they feel better. That’s why I am here to share.

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