The glamour and misery of negativity

Negativity. Why negativity? Because it hits the news? Give me a break! I stopped watching the news, I stopped reading newspapers.

And? It still isn’t enough. The negativity seems to be almost the very core of our being. The core of a western civilization soul at least.

Avoiding the news was not enough, so I moved on. I also avoid negative people without any sense of guilt. All relatives included. It doesn’t mean I will not help my parents, but I don’t need to listen to all negative things they are saying: complaints, pessimism, resentment. It’s a tough fight for the simple luxury of a little light in our hearts. A simple luxury, but a complicated and strenuous fight.

Yet I will not give up. Because it’s the only thing worth living for.

No church, no politics, no organization ever matters for our soul peace. No leader either. I close my eyes and see myriads of tired loving eyes just trying to be happy. I look into the mirror and I see the same. Let’s stay together in our prayers. No race, no nation, no religion differences ever matter.

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