You Cannot Walk in Anybody’s Shoes

The world market is overflooded by relaxation and meditation techniques. Therefore we ask ourselves which one to try. People with schizoaffective disorder for example should avoid any deep meditation techniques. I am not capable of giving you a list of such techniques. But I personally feel rebirthing for example would be too much for me. I am not even compelled to ASK my psychiatrist whether I should try. There is no need to ask, since I simply feel rebirthing would be too stressful for my brain. A friend of mine does rebirthing regularly, but she is mentally healthy. When she told me what such workshops look and feel like, there was a strong Don’t try it! in my head. I find it very important that we listen to ourselves.

Last summer I took part in a 3-day-seminar of the technique called Bert Hellinger Family Constellation Work, that helps the participants to forgive their close relatives. After the first day I was completely exhausted. I also got sleeping disorders. I went home after the first day of the seminar. I felt very strongly that this technique is too stressful for me. The emotions the technique invoked in me were simply too strong for me to handle.

On the other hand I have been doing visualizations according to Phyllis Krystal method regularly for 4 years. A day does not start right for me without the so called maypole visualization, which is one of the imagery exercises of the P. Krystal method. A traditional Tibetan incense and light meditative music like piano and flutes create the atmosphere for my morning routine: maypole imagery followed by saying thanks for everything that has happened to me and everything that will happen to me.

Apart from the techniques I learned in various seminars there are simple things I have found soothing: listening to the wind or to wood cracking in a fireplace or to the birds singing in the forest. I also find the smell of burning wood smoke coming out of chimneys. And even the smell of cows manure calms me. This array of things might seem odd to you, but for me these are the sounds and smells of my happy childhood in a small village.

There is no need to judge which meditation technique is better or worse. What you need to find out is which one works best for you. And there is no better method of finding that out than trying them each individually. Of course you should consult your doctor before trying anything out.

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