December, 2011 | Helena Smole

Wonders of Nature: Snow in the Distance

After a few days of cloudy weather and occasional drizzle we had sunny weather the other day. I went for a walk along my usual path. I took the camera thinking: »What could possibly surprise me today? The hoarfrost is gone and there is no snow yet. The autumn leaves have fallen off of branches.« I was rotating my head and pausing along all the way to no avail. In the end I smiled thinking: »Well, I guess it’s a no-miracle-day today.« Then, towards the end of the part of the path that leads through the forest, approaching the urban finishing part of my usual route, I glimpsed my miracle (see...
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Wonders of Nature: Remaining Apples

I was taking a walk along my ordinary route and since the hoarfrost had melted away that day due to sunny weather, I expected nothing special. Something told me I should take my camera with me just in case though. So there I was, with a smile on my face, my serotonin levels ‘adjusted’ to the weather change … approaching a bush that seemed like a jukebox at the first glance. Not that it looked like one, but it surely sounded like one. There were numerous sparrows twittering and chirping, at times almost singing, all gathered to cheer up the people passing by, being tired of the foggy...
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Wonders of Nature: Frozen Fog

It looked like snow on trees, but it was frozen fog or to name it properly hoarfrost, when I took a stroll the other day. I took some pictures (see the first photo) and then entered the forest close to my home which always offers a new look. Be it a complete makeover or just an interesting new detail, there is always something new, no matter how often I go there. The other day it was a sound most peculiar, something resembling both a drizzle and snowing. Yet at the same time it could have been mistaken for the sound of wood burning in a fireplace. I noticed that the sound was actually coming from...
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