A Bipolar in a Movie Theater

A Bipolar in a Movie Theater

I can watch the sun, if my sight is shaded.

It was not some kind of my personal enlightenment. It was simply my mental illness. About ten years ago most of the then-existent movie theaters in the city where I lived gradually got replaced with big modern movie theaters. And the original ones transformed to other purpose theaters. The new movie theaters came with many cinema halls. They were equipped with the latest technology, for example, with surround sound system and other. Movie theaters became a place crowded with people. There were a lot of bright colors and music everywhere. There were 15 minute commercials before the movie started and other features all bombarding my body sensor systems.

Looking back, the purpose of all this modern technology was probably to be able for a film to make a greater impact on viewers. I cannot speak for others, but with me, they succeeded. Even more than that. I am inclined to get immersed into a movie even without all the modern technology. So you can imagine it was too much for me, when new technology was introduced. The fine line between reality and the film fiction got even more blurred. I soon discovered that all this, but above all, the penetrating sound, made me irritated. I found it very hard to fall asleep after watching a movie in such a theater. Firstly I limited myself to watching only romantic comedies. But after some years I got fed up with them as well. My husband and I simply stopped going to the movies for a while.

One of the benefits of moving to a smaller town 4 years ago is also an old fashioned movie theater in the city where I live now. No surround sound system, no commercials, no popcorn. You feel like going through a time machine, when you enter. I just love that feeling. And what I like even more is that the movies I watch give me no insomnia. If I avoid cruel action movies and horror movies, I am fine. I am really grateful that our municipal authorities support this non-profit project.

And there are only a few viewers. Actually, the last time we went to see a film, there were only 10 minutes to go, but there were only four of us who would like to see the film (not counting the girl selling tickets). Fortunately, another couple appeared and we were saved ­čÖé .

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There is only one modern thing about this traditional non-profit movie theater ÔÇô they have a web page: http://www.kinosora.si. Just for the record for those of you, who live in Slovenia ­čÖé .

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