A Few Words on Balancing the Schizoaffective Disorder ― Bipolar Type

Balancing Bipolar

Spring is in the air ...

It has been some time now since I wrote my last post on these pages. It was one and a half month ago. Since then much has happened. Three things stand out.

The first one is the Phyllis Krystal seminar that was held in Munich from 16th to 21st of March. I was able to attend the third session of her Training Program. It was another experience of what can be achieved in your life if you put enough effort to it combined with positive attitude. Phyllis is 97 now and has had a minor injury recently. This did not prevent her to appear on a wheel chair and perform a four-day seminar as usually. She explained that due to her age she might start broadcasting her seminars over the Internet in the future. Again, I learned a lot, but I feel it will take some time before I will be able to talk about the experiences publicly.

The second thing is that my book about the schizoaffective disorder, manic-depressive type came off the press in March. The official date of publication is 4th of July, but this is actually the culmination point of book promotion. In reality the book is already available for sale on Amazon.com and at its affiliates in other countries like Great Britain, Canada and Germany. You can find and download a short description of the book here. As a small token of gratitude, these last few weeks I have been meeting with all those great people who helped turning this book from a wish to reality. There were so many of them that I will continue to meet them or write to them this month as well.

And finally, the spring came. Sunny weather, higher temperatures, blossoming trees, bushes and flowers. Encouraging after a few months of winter. The problem is, however, that I am allergic to pollen. That will require some adjustments to my hobby of taking a walks in the nearby meadows and woods in the next two months. I have read that it is better to take a walk in the afternoon, for the pollen concentration in the air is the strongest in the morning.

In my next posts I will probably write about certain aspects that I found crucial in balancing schizoaffective disorder, manic-depressive type. To tell the truth, following those aspects proved to be the right way even lately. Why? All three events mentioned above, attending the Phyllis Krystal seminar, my first book about mental illness coming off the press and the beginning of spring time reminded me that one can easily find himself walking on a tightrope. All three events remind me of how easily I can get too excited. In the past that led to having trouble with sleeping and eventually a mental illness episode could break out. As I said ― more about that in my next posts.

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