A New Start

A New Start 1 I figure that I cannot write about mental illness all the time. It gets overwhelming. Thus I decided to start a series of blogs on wonders of nature. I got inspired the other day, when I was taking pictures of frozen webs, threads of ice on dry blossoms and green leaves rimmed with ice. I took a walk in a forest near my home and was amazed again, how I always notice something interesting, no matter how often I go there.

In addition to that I have noticed that I have fallen in a trap called ‘analysis paralysis’. Self-analysis is a useful way of evolving as a human being, but I also need a break. Thus the last weeks of this calendar year will be devoted to nature walks, nature photography, yoga and arts & crafts. I need to shut off the thinking part of my brain once in a while, otherwise the headaches get unbearable.

A New Start 2 Let us take a close look at the picture left. Do you recognize it? It is the nasty thing you can get entangled into, unless it is covered with beautiful ice crystals. There were so many in the forest that I could not stop admiring them. How can a few drops of water precipitating from fog and the right temperature form such amazing decoration to an autumn forest? I still cannot help but marvel at the inspiring recollection.

A New Start 3 And last but not least – a dry blossom with threads of ice crystal that I have no clue about. Are they assembled on a thread of a spider or are they simply a miracle? Let me conclude with the words of a mystical scientist, Albert Einstein: “There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle; or, you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

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