A Short Update on My Upcoming Book and More

A Short Update on My Upcoming Book and More

A Holiday Impression

The last Monday was so exciting for me, that I had to take all week off to calm down. First of all, it was the first working day after one-week-holidays. But most of all, two things happened last Monday, the 17th of January. Firstly, I received the copy of my book at around 2.30 PM. The second thing was a visit to my psychiatrist, scheduled at 4.15 PM.

I was somehow expecting the book, but again, not so soon. While preparing the meal, the bell rang. It was DHL service and I knew it was the book. Suddenly, my heart pulse rose. I could not wait, I opened the parcel immediately. Yes, it was the book. In the form of a bound galley. That means the text is final, but the design of the book is not. Actually, it does not need to be finished, because bound galleys are usually send to prepublication reviewers. Hopefully, they will notice the book and write a short review. I am aware that the probability of that is small, because the reviewers receive a lot of books every day. Their review is then read by librarians and bookstores. This is good, because in that case libraries and bookstores will be able to order the book before the book’s publication date. Now we are waiting for the final version of the book. At the moment, the designer works on it. I hope the final version will be ready soon. The publication date is usually set about 4 months after the first copies of the finished book arrive from the printer. This way bookstores and libraries have enough time to notice a book in review journals and order it.

The second exciting thing on January the 17th was a visit to my psychiatrist. It was a regular visit. However, I was about to hear her comments on my book for the first time, for she had read my manuscript. I know, I have already received several (very good) comments on the book from psychiatrists, but they were not personally involved in my treatment saga. So, I did not know what to expect. And upon hearing it, I felt relieved. Why? You will see soon. I will publish the comments from psychiatrists and others who read my book in the near future. It will be a separate page on my web site.

And it was even more than that. My psychiatrist asked me, if she can give my manuscript to one of her patients. She thought it could help him a lot. Maybe even so much, that he will be able to finish this college year successfully.

All this was very good information for me. Actually, it was too much of it in a too short period of time. That evening, when my calming-down techniques have not calmed me down sufficiently, I took 5 mg of Zyprexa. And then I took the rest of the week off. Why so? You will find that in my book soon.

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