Comparing Myself to Others

Comparing Myself to Others

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Oh, no, my colleagues from high-school all have high paying jobs! Oh, no, all my girl-friends already have children! Oh, no, all my neighbors are happier than me!
Does it sound familiar? Where do you feel the pain? I feel it in my heart. When I am stupid enough to compare myself to others of course. I broke the habit of constantly comparing myself to others, but it still happens occasionally.

Whenever I read a book written by a wise person, it says we should only compare ‘ourselves today’ with ‘ourselves a while ago’. But our mind so easily gets distracted by comparisons with the more successful people in our lives, doesn’t it?

However, were we not taught to compete in grammar school already? First it was the grades, than the sports competitions and there were even the mathematics and the language competitions. It went on in high-school, in college. And aren’t we awarded at work, if we compete? Aren’t we programmed to compete?
Who is to blame?

Is blaming the solution to the problem of additional stress in life due to our competitive nature?

I choose gratitude. Gratitude for hot water in the evening, when it is time to take a shower. Gratitude for a warm apartment in winter, when the homeless freeze to death outside. Gratitude for the food that calms down my stomach and my brain eventually. Gratitude for the loved ones in my life. Gratitude for a balanced mind, when some people are being put in strait jackets as we speak. Gratitude for the ability to take a walk around the beautiful lake in the picture, while some people cannot even make a step. And the need to compete slowly vanishes.

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