It Is Time to Join Forces

It Is Time to Join Forces

Just like the two blossoms also the classical and the alternative medicine can take each other’s hands.

I see many people who have mental illness fall into a classical trap, of which I was no exception. It is the dilemma: “Should I seek the help of classical Western psychiatry or try alternative medicine approaches instead?”

I first tried positive affirmations like “I love and approve of myself,” in 2004, when I was so depressed and felt so defeated that I thought: “I cannot fall any deeper, so why not try the positive affirmations from books by Louise Hay next to taking the medication prescribed by my psychiatrist?” The sentences said out loud in front of a mirror only started working after a year of regular practice. You can read about other techniques I found helpful in my self help book.

After all I have been through my answer to the upper dilemma would be: “Let us join forces. Let us combine both psychiatry and alternative methods, but we should be cautions:

–          I suggest you always work with your psychiatrist as the head of all operations.

–          I suggest you do not even try any alternative techniques that give you the feeling they might be too intensive for you.”

Please see my blog You Cannot Walk in Anybody’s Shoes for my experience with techniques I found too intensive for me.

I will restrain myself from mentioning other mistakes I have made for one reason only: I do not wish to mislead other people with mental illness. You better take my word for it: first make a team with your psychiatrist and then try alternative approaches next to taking prescribed medication.

When I handed over the manuscript of my book to my psychiatrist last September, she mentioned that she had just attended a psychiatric conference with the title Psychosis and Psychotherapy. She also gives group therapy for her clients, where they do affirmations. I first came across “affirmations therapy” in a new age self help book by Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life and found them very useful in balancing bipolar mood swings.

The worlds of classical and alternative medicine are joining. There is no time for science to prove everything. Maybe they even cannot do that. We need help now. I personally do not need a scientific proof for the beneficial effects of meditation for example. If it works, why not use it?

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