The Habit of Observing

The Habit of Observing

The picture left was taken during a walk in an Alpine valley. I noticed some heaps of white stone in the distance and they compelled me to come closer. I stepped off the hiking path and explored the interesting columns of stone that are usually used as path guiding marks in high mountains and are made by mountain hikers or mountaineers. Since this was a valley, they were probably only a decoration.

When I came closer, I noticed a column that was completely different from all others (see picture). It was made of only two big stones, of which the upper one was brown. Then I noticed that this horizontal heap was encircled by little black stones carefully put into sparkling water around it. The last interesting thing was a miniature of these characteristic stones heaps put on the lower stone. The miniature was composed of little stones of different color. I thought: “What a masterpiece!” I never saw a thing like that before.

If these beautiful stone structures had been constructed years ago, I would not have noticed them. I used to be so immersed in my worries while walking in nature that I almost would not have noticed a stone I would have stumbled upon. Let alone noticing something in the distance. But I kept walking, even if I was not really there. I felt very strongly that one day my excessive thoughts will ‘think themselves out’. And eventually they did. Of course also due to daily meditation and various exercises clearing the mental garbage out of my mind and my subconscious (see About me).

I remember the summer of 2008 was a breaking point. I started hearing birds. They must have been twittering and singing before, but I never noticed their beautiful sounds. It felt like a new universe suddenly discovered. Later I started hearing the wind, the cracking of dry branches, the sounds of rivers and creeks. I also started to notice little details like sunrays piercing through trees in the middle of a forest, interesting flowers etc. I am trying to share the most beautiful impressions with you here in my blogs (see photos in previous blogs, for example: the dog rose blossom, the snail, the mirror image of a lake, the autumn sunray, the winter sunrise).

Once you have come to the point of simply observing the nature, you cannot help marveling at it and being grateful for its creation. At the sight of black stones sparkling in crystal clear water your trouble might seem so insignificant. And even if just for a moment, it is worthwhile taking a break from daily worries. And thus gain new strength for the fight for a better tomorrow.

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