Wonders of Nature: Frozen Fog

Wonders of Nature: Frozen Fog It looked like snow on trees, but it was frozen fog or to name it properly hoarfrost, when I took a stroll the other day. I took some pictures (see the first photo) and then entered the forest close to my home which always offers a new look. Be it a complete makeover or just an interesting new detail, there is always something new, no matter how often I go there.

Wonders of Nature: Frozen Fog The other day it was a sound most peculiar, something resembling both a drizzle and snowing. Yet at the same time it could have been mistaken for the sound of wood burning in a fireplace. I noticed that the sound was actually coming from frozen fog falling off of tree branches. In some places there was a thin layer of it on fallen leaves (see the second photo). Wow, I entered a wonderland again!

I named it frozen fog, because at first I felt an irresistible need to explain how this hoarfrost came to be. Later the human-centered view in my head vanished. I felt, I was not supposed to explain everything. I just was there, with a blessed smile on my face, marveling at what a seemingly boring foggy November had in stock for us.

If only we are willing to step outside, out of our apartment or house, out of our self-centered thoughts, go to a forest and become a part of it for an hour. Please share your experience with nature walks in the comment section below.

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