Wonders of Nature: Remaining Apples

Wonders of Nature: Remaining Apples I was taking a walk along my ordinary route and since the hoarfrost had melted away that day due to sunny weather, I expected nothing special. Something told me I should take my camera with me just in case though. So there I was, with a smile on my face, my serotonin levels ‘adjusted’ to the weather change … approaching a bush that seemed like a jukebox at the first glance. Not that it looked like one, but it surely sounded like one. There were numerous sparrows twittering and chirping, at times almost singing, all gathered to cheer up the people passing by, being tired of the foggy November. It was not a symphony, but it surely was a pleasant modernistic tune with a touch of optimism coming from that flock of birds.

I did not even attempt to take a photo of the birds, for I do not know how. They always fly away at the sound of the ‘focus-button’. Instead of feeling helpless and caught in my own incapacity, I smiled and thought to myself: “Some things are supposed to escape the grasp of my camera.” I just stood there, smiling for a while and then continued walking.

It had been the glimpse of the birds that had made me look up instead of looking for dog excrements along the way in habitual panic, which is what I often do. Thus looking up I caught a glimpse of the wonderful red apples in the picture left: Aren’t they amazing? How come the leaves have already fallen down, but the fruits are still there? I am sure there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but I do not want to know. For me this was a miracle. A proof that no matter how full of chaos this era we live in might be, there is still rime and reason in the beauty waiting outside. So what are you waiting for? Take a nature walk and find your own miracles. Feel free to leave your impressions in the form of comments below and thus inspire others.

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