A Few Words on Competition


Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, Europe

There are many theories about the so called competition – the guys that are in the same business as you. I am not a wise one on this subject, since I have little experience in business. Yet there is one thing I am sure of.

‘You should not be afraid of your competition.’

You do not necessarily need to fraternize with them, just respect them all. And fraternize with those that you would also like to be friends with in your private life: the honest guys, ready to share, but not too intrusive and most importantly not envious by nature.

I would really enjoy reading your insights on this.

Take care,
Helena Smole

One Response to “ “A Few Words on Competition”

  1. kostin mozeg says:

    There’s competition and there’s healthy competition.
    Unfortunately there seems to be more and more of those who are prepared to do anything to win.
    Cheat, steal, kill.
    Winning at any cost is just not my game.

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