An Incident from Kindergarten

An Incident from Kindergarten

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I will tell you a true story that I remember from my kindergarten years. I must have been 4 or 5, when this happened:

We, the kids in a kindergarten group, did something bad. I don’t remember what it was anymore. But what I do remember is that the child-minder responsible for us was angry and sad. And I also remember a bitter feeling of guilt in my heart. So I spoke to my colleague Boštjan K. I chose him, because I liked him (he was a good guy). He agreed that what we did was not exactly nice. We made a plan and went through with it. We approached the child-minder. I spoke, Boštjan was there to support my words with a smile on his face. I said that I spoke on behalf of the whole group and that we were truly sorry for what we had done. The child-minder started crying.

I asked in concern: “Why are you crying? Are you sad?”

I remember her answer clearly up until this day: “I am not sad. These are tears of happiness. I am crying, because such a thing has simply never happened to me before.” End of story.

That is how I know that I have been programmed to be compassionate by birth. And no matter how often people take advantage of me, I will never change. I cannot. But I can walk away. I am nobody’s slave.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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