Be a Contrarian

Be a Contrarian

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, Europe

The other day I decided to walk from one bus stop to another instead of taking the city bus the whole way. Since the next bus stop was right next to a gas station, I popped into the gas station store for my favorite coffee to go: Latte macchiato. I drank my favorite coffee in something you could call semi-company, standing behind a small round counter-high table.

Basically I was alone, with a smidgen of young guys added in a safe distance: bus drivers, building contractors, firemen, casually passing by while shopping or paying for gas.

The array of their business uniforms performed an excellent working atmosphere for a 38-year-old writer that lacked the concentration to write at home.

Funny what you can find stimulating, when you decide to do things differently once in a while.

BTW: I wrote these lines on old-fashioned paper – no need to own any expensive appliances in times of recession.

Take care,

Helena Smole

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