Being in Love Is Like a Scholarship

Being in Love Is Like a Scholarship Western culture in my opinion is an instant culture. Look through ads for example. ‘Lose weight in a week … Lose weight without any diet or exercise … Build your muscles in a month … Lose your cellulite in a fortnight etc.’ How often do you come across and ad like this: ‘Train daily for 5 years and you will improve your self-image.’ It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yes, definitely, but only to a Westerner. Traditional cultures have known for millenniums that the only true satisfaction comes from hard work and patience over years.

To oppose my argument I will name a special case: infatuation. When you are in love, everything seems so easy. And it simply happens, you don’t have to work hard to fall in love.

Yet this is not a special case the way I see it.

In my opinion infatuation is like a scholarship. Should you not put any effort in the relationship, the infatuation or the scholarship has been granted to you in vain. One should not wait till the infatuation phase of a love relationship is over. One should strive to be kind and selfless from the beginning. Only in that case we can be good students.

So what is your decision going to be? Are you going to savor the pleasure and walk away, when the pleasant phase is over? Or are you going to show gratitude for the scholarship you have been granted? It is your decision, your life.

I would be really grateful for any insights on this topic.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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