Courage and Fear

Courage and Fear

Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia

Courage is not the absence of fear. Many brave people have said that. So what is the relationship between courage and fear then? Courage might actually be the other side of the same coin. The more fear you feel, the more you get tired of being afraid and finally you do something about it, which takes courage in turn. On the other hand, if you wait long enough, you get used to fear to such an extent that you get indifferent. In the state of apathy there will be neither fear nor courage.

Of course there are two different kinds of situations:
1. Situations, when one needs to gather enough courage and do something (e.g. run away from an alcoholic husband who gets aggressive and does not want to hear about therapy).
2. Situations, when one cannot do anything, except get indifferent and accept things the way they are (e.g. one’s loving husband/wife dies and one is afraid of being alone – the best thing is trying to get used to being alone and not jump into another relationship right away just because one is afraid of being alone).

It is obvious that I am talking about the first type of situations, when I refer to courage.

In addition to this intriguing connection between courage and fear, I also experienced a mysterious connection between fear and a strong wish. I was constantly afraid of getting fired in my ex-job. But since my bosses were always pleased with my work, my fear seemed more like a bio-chemical paranoia. It might have been one, but it might also have been a wish to get fired, because I was too afraid of giving notice. I thought I could never get another job due to my mental illness.

This might have sounded too complicated, so let me tell you in other words. In 9 years of working there not a single day would go by without me giving notice in my imagination. And the fear of getting fired went on for 9 years non-stop as well.

I wrote this blog because nowadays it is not very popular to show fear, thus one might think that one is the only person on the planet experiencing it. Please know that you are not alone with your fears.

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  1. Rachel Sersha says:

    How true! This is something we all need to hear and absorb deep into our souls, and often, in our “no fail no fear life is perfect” world!

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