Formula for Success

Formula for Success The successful people still strive, when everyone else is partying.

They do not care, if they are given labels like: workaholic, weirdo, crazy person etc. Or at least they pretend not to care and they carry on with their projects.

When they succeed, they are not hurt, when other people say to them: »You are so lucky!«

To sum up: the successful people are not hurt or at least they recover quickly, when almost nobody seems to remember the effort they have been putting into their projects. Let alone the scorn they have been exposed to due to their extra effort.

And they almost always have somebody in their lives, who believes in them.

Take care,

Helena Smole

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  1. kostin mozeg says:

    The last sntence gave me a bit of a choke … It’s true.
    I wrote this 2 years ago:
    ‘We all sometimes need a tap on the shoulder, a kiss on the cheek or a kick in the ass. But what most people are wiiling to give, is a fuckin shove down the stairs.’

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