How to Grow Old together

How to Grow Old together

darkness and light of a love relationship

There is no recipe, how to grow old with someone and still hold hands in a park at the age of 80. Each couple has to find their own way through life. However, I would like to point out some general guidelines that I personally find useful:

  1. Never compete with your partner, but cooperate with one another.
  2. Do not let other people tell you, when you should have kids. Find an answer in your heart.
  3. Plan. You are not too old at the age of 40. Not too old to become a mother and not too old to start a career.
  4. You are not too old to start a career at 50 or 60 or even 70, except for some professions like pilots of course. A career to me means something you enjoy doing, not money, social status and pressure.

Remember that each individual has his/her destiny, mission in life and own ways of fulfilling it. If one does not compare himself/herself with others and does not compare the life partner with others, they can both live happily ever after, which means they manage to resolve their conflicts in a rather nice manner.

Take care,

Helena Smole

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