Inedible Mushrooms

Inedible Mushrooms

Beware! Inedible Mushrooms!

This autumn there is an abundance of mushrooms growing in the woods, waiting for us to be picked. I have been encouraged by many people and when finally even a local bus-driver asked me, if I had been to the woods to pick some, I decided to start.

My procrastination was due to a fear that was half real (inedible mushrooms are dangerous!), but also half surreal, for there are many experienced mushroom-pickers in the neighborhood who can help.

The day the bus-driver asked me about my mushroom-picking activities I was still unsure about whom to ask if she/he could check the specimen I would have picked.

Still, after the bus-driver’s question, and also being it such a beautiful day I finally headed out to the woods nearby. To my utter surprise I ran into my neighbor that is an experienced mushroom picker soon after exiting our apartment building. She showed me her pick of the day, gave me some guidelines and told me I could always check any suspicious mushrooms with her before preparing a meal.

I was so happy that I hugged her. Later in the woods I found two Boletus edulis, which are much appreciated in Slovenia.

I see this coincidence of running into my neighbor at exactly the right time as an award for having been brave despite all my fears. I listened to my intuition instead of listening to my fears and the intuition led me to the right person. I am really grateful for this experience.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the more than edible Boletus edulis. In the photo left there are some IN-edible mushrooms from a walk around the Bohinj Lake.

Take care,

Helena Smole

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