Is there a sign on your wife?

Is there a sign on your wife

buoys in Adriatic sea, Slovenia, Europe

This time I decided to simply tell a true story I witnessed and refrain from any moralizing:

A group of surveyors have a field assignment. They have to measure the ground above a tunnel being built. They use all sorts of high-tech equipment I would not know about. But what I do get is the importance of the so called targets set on the terrain in question. These targets are making it possible for the surveyors to conduct the measurements.

Later, at lunch time, they come to pick up the targets and to their very unpleasant surprise, they find some people touching and moving the targets. It is not the land-owners, these people are merely taking a walk. It turns out the poor surveyors have to do it all over again, hungrily awaiting a late super instead of a delicious lunch. One of them starts yelling at the careless hikers: ‘What did you touch the targets for?

One of the hikers yells back: ‘You should have put a sign on the targets saying: Don’t touch.

The hungry surveyor yells back: ‘Does your wife wear a sign saying Don’t touch? She doesn’t, but I still don’t touch her, eh?

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Helena Smole

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