My New Volunteering

My New Volunteering Those of you, who have been reading my blogs for a while now, know that I used to be a volunteer at a local home for old pensioners (assisted living). After 4 years I got tired of volunteering there and I automatically assumed that I was a bad person. On the contrary! I just needed a new job, new problems to solve, I needed to change the subject.

Now I volunteer for a group of organic farmers, because I believe that this is our future. It matters a lot, what we put into our mouths. First I did a translation from German for them, then I helped them pluck weeds and last but not least I helped them organize an event with exhibition stands and lectures.

I helped them on Friday and then I promised to help on Sunday too, but it turned out to be too much for me. So I said no. I felt guilty, because there was a scarcity regarding volunteers. However in my opinion this happened for a reason. I am still learning how to say no, especially if it means breaking a promise. It is hard, but I have to put my health first. If I had decided to volunteer on Sunday, it would have meant working after only 2 hours of sleep. That would be absolutely devastating for my sensitive brain. I still feel a bit guilty, but I know that there is only one person left to forgive me: Helena Smole.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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  1. Bridget Kostello says:


    You are doing great! It isn’t what you don’t do, it is what you do that matters, and your gifts to the world are so numerous–the lessons of volunteering (even when you have to say no sometimes), your writing, your blogging, the lessons of self that you have shared, etc.

    Be gentle with yourself, for you have already given far more than most can ever imagine. I am proud of you and inspired by you!


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