Shifting Your Point of View

Shifting Your Point of View

Above the fog of Bohinj valley, Slovenia

The world is in a horrible state. Everyone agrees. You do not even need to buy a newspaper or watch the news on TV or on-line, for your neighbor can do a follow-up on new monstrosities of the human kind.

So, what is the point of criticizing all around us, if the humanity clearly cannot fall any deeper anyway? Have you ever thought about a change in your perspective? What about developing empathy and kindness in your own heart and humbly waiting for others to follow? I dare you.

Seriously, can the media really manipulate us to such an extent that we stop believing in the grain of good in all people? Switch them off. Find your own mentors on-line that strive to develop kindness in their own hearts and your life will be yours again.

P. S. This blog way inspired by my dear Facebook friend Sija Ch. Thank you, Sija!

2 Responses to “ “Shifting Your Point of View”

  1. Rick says:

    what you say is true, so long as we don’t ‘hide our head in the sand ‘ on issues that matter (to us) and perpetuate the inequities around us. Evil & greedy people thrive on others’ ignorance, apathy and inaction. Their exploitation exists only because people believe they are powerless …

    • Helena Smole says:

      I agree. Instead of listening to the news in general and complaining, one can pick a call. And then do as much as one can. For example help the homeless, or help save the environment etc.

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