The End of Whining

The End of Whining

a Slovene orchid growing in the woods (Cephalanthera damasonium)

The last but one weekend the weather got really hot in Slovenia. I ended up whining again: »Oh, it’s over. No more jogging till September.« Then one morning I went for a walk and while I was approaching our apartment building, someone asked me, if I had been jogging. I replied: »Oh, no. I went for a walk. It’s too hot.« I knew I was only looking for excuses. So I went jogging right afterwards. I had to stop in a shade several times and bow down in order to let the blood supply enough oxygen to my brain. But I did it. Instead of whining I did something.

Whining is well developed in our country. It is almost a national sport. So the next time somebody starts whining about the hot weather, I am going to ask him or her to join me in my daily jogging.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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  1. kostin mozeg says:

    You can’t stand it when it’s hot, I can’t stand it when it’s cold.
    People be looking at me as if I’m nuts when I’m out shirtless runing in the sun. In winter they’re probably gonna be wondering if that crazy guy had a heartache or something and I’ll be just inside hidden from the cold.

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