The Exact Diagnosis

The Exact Diagnosis

People often find similarities in my story, even though they might have a different diagnosis from mine which is schizoaffective disorder. I have recently written the following lines as an answer to an e-mail. I find them interesting for others as well:

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the exact diagnosis does not matter that much. Also there are cases when people get totally O.K. in their thirties, even though they have been diagnosed with ‘chronic’. So do not despair! The western medicine (psychiatry) does not believe that our lifestyle can help the illness, but they could be proven wrong in the years to come. I say it does help. Healthy food, no alcohol, exercise in nature and a positive mental attitude can help hand in hand with medication. No one wants to take medication, because it is so strong. But if one backs it up with a healthy life style, one will need less and less medication. No Sweat No Glory.

I addition to that the father of a son that has mental illness also had a dilemma he mentioned to me in his e-mail: ‘Is it a thought disorder or does he actually believe these things – poisoning by teammates …’

I would say that it does not matter. A brain that starts hallucinating or developing such paranoid stories is merely a very tired brain that needs rest. Did you know that there has been an experiment conducted on very healthy soldiers. They kept them totally without sleep and after 2 or 3 nights most of them started hallucinating. The brain needs sleep in order to process the information gathered during the day. One of the ways of processing the information at night are dreams. Now, I never read the following anywhere, but to me hallucinations and paranoid stories were like ‘dreaming fully awake’ due to lack of sleep.

To conclude mental illness is not just bad luck. In some respect it is an alarm that our body, in this case the brain, sends us in order to slow us down and improve our lifestyle. I will quote the editor of my self help book again: ‘Society IS mental illness. The people that get treatment are just individuals that are more aware of it.’

Take care,

Helena Smole

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