The True Value of Inspiration

The True Value of Inspiration Since the weather showed us kindness by covering Slovenia with snow last weekend, I have been thinking about kindness as human virtue. I recall my teacher Phyllis Krystal saying at various occasions: ‘Respect people who serve you. Do not treat them like your own personal slaves.’ With these words in my mind I witnessed some verbal attacks at a post office, a library etc. These attacks were performed by people whose outbursts of anger clearly showed that the clerk was just a scape goat. The clerk did a minor mistake and the customer was yelling as if somebody had been murdered. We all need to express our anger, but accusing somebody too harshly just because we know that the person cannot fight back is not a very wise way of doing it.

After having witnessed a few conflicts in public places that had made me feel really sorry for the employees being yelled at I decided to conduct an experiment. I started to be extra kind to clerks, waitresses etc. A lot of people would fear I would spoil them. On the contrary! They all strive to serve me as good as they can.

So what is your decision going to be? You can either terrorize people who are paid to be kind. Or you can inspire them with your kindness.

I would be really grateful for any insights on this topic.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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