Why Own Your Own Car

Why Own Your Own Car


The title itself shows a certain redundancy: the word ‘own’ repeats itself twice. Similarly, over the years, despite of the whole ‘women’s lib’ thing going on, I found it totally redundant to own my own car. After 4 years of trying really hard to relax behind the wheel, I gave up driving due to a clear hallucination. Let me tell you the whole true story:

I was driving in the countryside. My husband was sitting in the co-driver’s seat. Suddenly out of the blue I saw a human being trying to cross the road. I panicked, stepped off the gas and started to pull the brakes.

My husband exclaimed: ‘Why on earth are you trying to stop the car in the middle of nowhere?’

I resumed driving and said: ‘Was there not a human being trying to cross the road?’

My dear husband kindly assured me that there was no human being trying to cross the road.

I remember the hallucination clearly. It was a sign to give up trying to be perfect. Thus I do not drive anymore. See also one of my previous blogs: The Blind Car Driver in Me.

There are other reasons why I do not own my own car though. Read more in my next blog.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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