Writer’s Working Week

Writers Working Week

the reflection of the clouds in the lower right-hand corner came unexpectedly, just like any inspiration

When I was younger I believed the myth that writers do not really work. And that their explanation »I am looking for an inspiration« is just an excuse for not working. How wrong I was! Today that I work as a writer, I must confess that three quarters of my time actually consist of looking for an inspiration and only one quarter of the time I actually write.

In addition to that, I must confess that I very rarely get inspired behind the computer screen. I have to get out. I used to get more inspiration in the woods, but now I get more inspired down town, among medieval architecture and when running into people that I know.

There are some weeks though, when nothing helps. There is no inspiration. I have come to peace with that. I have come to the conclusion that I am much better off cleaning the apartment or doing something similar non-creative on a week like that. Being a writer is not a normal working schedule. Some weeks one finds oneself working overtime. Thus it is more than expectable to spend weeks doing nothing creative.

However, it is very dangerous to find yourself overwhelmed with attacks of self-accusation, when you cannot write. Thus in my opinion it is wise for writers to have several activities at hand for the non-inspirational weeks. Remember: No Sweat No Glory ….

I would really like to read your insights on this topic!

Take care,

Helena Smole

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