Christmas Cards in January

Christmas Cards in January

I had a good plan at the beginning of December about Christmas cards for my relatives. I wanted to draw them myself. I managed to come up with a sketch of a skiing dwarf and I thought I would draw variations of that dwarf with color pencils.

That was the original plan. It turned out quite differently. I used to prepare paper and color pencils several times a week, but week after week they just lied there on the table. I never started to draw. I felt horrible about it for almost a month, until it got too late to make Christmas cards myself anyway and I bought some instead.

It was only in January this year that it became clear to me why I had been hesitating and why I had eventually given up. Drawing Christmas cards for my relatives would have taken quite some time. All this time I would have been thinking about my relationship to my relatives. Since 2012 was an astrological year of Mercury, relationships had been the number one topics for a whole year. At least I had taken it really seriously and I had cleared my head regarding some old issues. I was way too tired to analyze anything else in December. Being prone to analyzing, that is exactly what I would have been doing while drawing. Thus I had avoided it instinctively.

In order to avoid a similar dilemma this December, I started manufacturing Christmas cards these days – in January. I took the old Christmas cards I had received from my relatives, cut out some interesting motives and patterns, glued them to clear paper and added some curves and Christmas motives by hand, using color pens. I know I am crazy doing this in January, but I am also practical, don’t you think? The way I see it I squeezed another lemon life had given me.

Take care,

Helena Smole

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