Close encounter with Feri Lainscek

Close encounter with Feri Lainscek

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Feri Lainšček, a much translated Slovene writer, very popular and successful also in his home country, was more than pleasant to listen to on the national holiday, 25. of June, the state independence day of Slovenia, a relatively young state. I cannot quote all his interesting statements, for that would call for a proper interview striving to do him justice. Thus I chose only one of his statements that made me ponder: “I wonder, how can a generation of parents, that have handled the new state so badly, have raised so wonderful kids?”

Let me put this statement into context. Lainšček was doing high-school visits due to one of his novels having been chosen to be a final exam text. The novel is called ‘Ločil bom peno od valov’ in Slovene. The English translation might be: ‘I will separate the foam from the waves’. The young generation left the poet optimistic and full of faith that the future of Slovenia might not be that bad after all.

May I humbly add that it is possible that the wonderful youngsters were born wonderful. I am talking about the phenomenon of the so called indigo children, who know no other way in life but the honest one. Lainšček was absolutely appalled to find out that those students, who were really interested in his work at his high-school visits, had very clear and consistent value systems, where beauty and the truth scored high. In my opinion, the contrast with their parents might not be a real contrast. The youngsters might have been born honest and noble.

Indigo children and adults cannot be changed. The world will have to change little by little instead. Golden age will not be announced on TV. Every individual has to decide to be honest and noble and thus the Golden age begins for him or her. No Sweat No Glory.

Take care,
Helena Smole, author of Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type

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