Knots in Relationships

Knots in Relationships

…over the rainbow

To untie a knot one has to be very patient and gentle. Conflicts in love relationships demand the same effort. And they also call for counting in the possibility that the thread will be thorn not matter how hard you try to save the relationship. But at least the thread will break with as little pain as possible, if one gives out one’s best.

Divorce should be the last resort. One needs to deserve it by trying everything else before – from engaging in common hobbies to partner therapy. Yet, it is a known fact that a friendly divorce does the least damage possible. A friendly divorce? Yes, it is possible, usually with professional help.

Take care,
Helena Smole, author of Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type

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