Watch the Signs of Your Destiny

Watch the Signs of Your Destiny This topic is so subtle and fragile that I do not dare to write any general assumptions. Let me just tell you my story.

I had a well-paid job for 9 years. But not a single day would go by was I not writing my resignation in my mind. The problem there were very tense human relationships at the office that I found very hard to keep myself out of.

Thus I tried several times to find another job so that I could finally quit. The first job, that I almost took, but got distracted from it through a chain of coincidence, turned out to be awful. It is funny that – years later – I met a girl that had used to work there and she told me she had been forced to quit due to sexual harassment from the boss/owner.

The second one I almost took, but got mentally ill precisely the week they phoned me to tell me they wanted to hire me. I did not have the courage to change jobs during a severe manic and slightly psychotic episode. A friend of mine was also chosen to work there, for there were several vacancies, but she quit within a year due to unbearable working conditions.

My last try was a part-time job I took on in addition to my regular job. There was a possibility to get employed there on a regular basis for a full-time working week. However, the boss was so terrorizing that I even quit the part-time job.

After that I started to do my Masters and thought this would improve the situation at work. It did not. A few years after graduation I quit the job. I found out that also the woman who had worked at the working place before me had quit for the same reason – tense human relationships.

Were it just for me, I would conclude I was too sensitive to work anywhere. But since it was also my tougher friends resigning, I will conclude that I had absolutely no luck with jobs.

Today I see all those happenings as signs of destiny. I was destined to become a self-employed writer and publisher and the unlucky job opportunities were leading me to this profession.

Take care,
Helena Smole, author of Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type

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