Women’s Rights

Women's Rights It has been a long fight for women’s rights, but I really think it is over now and we can all calm down. I also disagree with the general opinion of feminists that they should keep fighting, because in many parts of the world women still do not have the basic human rights to choose their profession etc. In my opinion they will do it themselves much better, because they know their culture. I believe Western interference usually brings more problems than it is able to solve.

Having limited the discussion to Western culture, I will first mention the famous phrase: “Women still do not have equal opportunities.” I agree. We do not have equal opportunities. We have more opportunities than men and this is not their fault. If I can give birth to a child and breastfeed him/her, it is not just the matter of a maternity leave as a pause in my career. The sheer fact that the child comes from my body also builds a much stronger emotional bond in comparison to the father-child relationship. This is a biological fact no feminist will be able to change. And why should we change that?

A life of a woman is hard, because it takes a lot of energy, courage and patience to raise children and pursue a profession at the same time. If we assume a militant attitude towards men, how can we aspect them to help us with kids and cooking? You see, a life of a man is hard too. Especially if the woman he loves and wants to provide for, at least to some extent to compensate for the fact that he cannot actually give birth to a child, hates him and calls him names.

In the end it takes courage to unravel the popular phrases and use your brain. Put yourself in male shoes. Sometimes I get the feeling I should fight for their rights.

Take care,
Helena Smole

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