Ah, Mistakes!

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While some degree of the fear of mistakes is useful and healthy, too much of it can prevent our actions. We might never change things for the better. Or we might never meet new friends for instance.

It is true that we can avoid pain by not taking any action and thus omitting mistakes. Yet, the moment we see pain as experience, it might decrease the ‘wrongness’ of a mistake. Of course causing a car accident for instance will always feel wrong. But what about changing a job for example? You earn less at the new job and the change might feel as a mistake. Is it really? Is money everything? What if you learn new things that are exciting at the new job? What if the working climate is better? In my opinion, one has to take into consideration all the factors not just compare salaries.

Mistakes are definitely new experiences and as such new learning opportunities. They are also chances to learn how to forgive ourselves. I remember Phyllis Krystal saying in her seminars, in all of them actually: »If you decide to listen to the high C, prepare to make a lot of mistakes.« I was scared at first, but eventually the work with her method led me to listen to the high C, which is my inner voice or my intuition, more and more. And why does the high C lead me to make mistakes? P. Krystal’s answer would be: »Because mistakes are the only way to learn new things in life.«

I owe a lot of my current well-being to Phyllis Krystal. Please visit her web-page for more info: www.phylliskrystal.com

WARNING: If you happen to be experiencing mental health problems, please do not try any mental exercises mentioned in this blog without consulting your psychiatrist first.

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