Freedom and Its Limits


How to control a burning desire?

As I see the world today, we are given more and more freedom. What we do not realize many times is that with freedom there also comes responsibility. What do I mean by that?

Firstly, there is the freedom of other people that sets limits to us. The judgement, where we should draw the line is difficult and it is extremely easy to make a mistake. But the freedom is ours, this is one of the traits of the New Age, and slowly we will learn to make better choices. Of course mistakes are the only way to learn. My country, Slovenia, joined the freedom of democracy in 1991, but we will learn too. It takes time.

Secondly, I would like to say a word about wishes. There is a Chinese saying: “If you really want to torture someone, fulfill her/him a wish.” This proverb sounds really strange to a Westerner, but sometimes it is true. There are cases, when we are completely comfortable with a choice in life, but we develop a wish to change it out of boredom or because we are comparing ourselves to others too much. With years I came up with a motto: Why change things that work perfectly alright? Or let me put it in other words: If we have the freedom to change something and thus fulfill our wish, it does not automatically mean that we should.

Let me give you an example. I got my first camera as a birthday present seven years ago and I started to enter the world of photography. I soon realized there was a lot to learn. I also noticed that my camera is not very suitable for taking photos of very distant objects like mountains. I would have needed one with a telephoto lens for that. Since my husband and I hike a lot, it would have seemed only logical to want a new camera. I could have bought one myself, but I decided to wait till my 40-th birthday and get it as a present. I had waited for six years. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. I had a lot to learn about photography using the simpler camera and there was really no hurry. In addition to that, there is also the satisfaction of getting a present you have waited for for six years.

Thirdly, there is always the danger to clinging to a wish too strongly. Some things in life are simply not meant to be. When we feel it in our heart that it is our destiny not to have something, we should let it go.

Last but not least, I would like to mention the hazard of having too many wishes. If we are fighting on too many fronts at the same time, we are likely to lose all battles, because we run out of energy too soon. But let’s say we somehow win most of them. If there are too many new things we acquire, we will not even have enough time to enjoy them.

Take care,
Helena Smole, author of:

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