Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships

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After having heard so many individual stories of couples in numerous personal growth seminars I had taken, one fine day I got the idea to write an inspirational story for couples going through a crisis. And we all go through it. I figured there were enough how-to-books on the market and perhaps I could contribute a simple source of inspiration. Often in a pinch we know exactly what we should do, but we lack the courage to do it. And my fantasy novel for adults or in other words a fantasy novel with romance is about that courage.

My first draft of ‘Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf – Book 1’ included some fairies and dwarfs, but they were more like visions that appeared to the couple. While rewriting the novel I included Izzy the Dwarf who is very real. He is a friend if Vivvy’s and later also her husband’s. I tried to write in a fashion that would enable the magical world to be gently interwoven with the real one. Just like in fairy-tales.

Today fairy-tales are stories for children. Yet in the old days they were also meant for adults. And this is the group I am addressing my novel to. In order not to be confused with stories for children I gave it the label fantasy novel, which can be both for kids and adults.

I decided to base my writing on the old tradition of fairy and folk-tale, because I found this tradition to be a very important source of common sense and wisdom. The two things which are often in deficiency in our day and age. The real source of wisdom in ‘Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf – Book 1’ are the wizards in the Wood of Aquarius, Izzy’s homeland. They speak to Izzy in person, through dreams and telepathically. You will find dream interpretations that were inspired by real interpretations I learned in the seminars of Phyllis Krystal.

The couple gets all the couples therapy they could want, but they still have to find a way through their conflicts on their own. This novel is a fairy-tale after the fairy-tale. It shows the reader what happens after the lady and her prince charming have found each other.

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Helena Smole, author of:

– a fantasy novel with romance Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships

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