The Growing Neck of the Giraffe

Natural selection through mutations for kids.

There was a scarcity of lower branches.

A story of natural selection for your kids.

Here is a story about how the giraffe’s neck grew so long. A long long time ago giraffes had short necks. They could only reach bushes and the lower branches of trees. They ate those leaves on near branches and lived like that for centuries. They kept looking at the higher branches, but they could not get hold of them.

It was all fine until one day there were too many giraffes grazing on too few leaves. They started to stretch their necks to higher branches, but they could not grab them. The famine grew more and more severe.

Until a miracle happened. There came micro-elves that could fit into individual cells of some giraffes and they changed the genes in them. They changed the genes for short necks to genes for longer necks. Of course this happened before the giraffes were born. These special micro-elves are also called Mutation-elves. Whenever they interfere in a favorable way, we can call it a miracle. Well, the scientists will call it a coincidence.

So after this intervention some giraffes had longer necks and they could reach higher branches. They had more chances to survive and have offspring. Finally, they prevailed and handed on the longer-neck to their young, because the Mutation miracle is hereditary.

This genetic intervention of the micro-elves actually happened several times in the history of the giraffe, which can be seen in fossil remains. Thus their necks grew longer and longer.

Mother nature preferred the long-necked giraffes, because they were more adjusted to the environment. They could reach more branches and thus had more food. That is why mother nature chose or in other words ‘selected’ the long-necked giraffes to survive and carry on their genes for the long neck to their offspring. That is why we call this a story of natural selection.

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