Old and New Definition of a Strong Person

relationships As I have perceived it, the old definition of a strong person would be something like this: A strong personality has someone, who is stubborn, who prefers to give orders to obeying them, somebody, who is not easily brought to tears.

Yet, times change and the New Age, in my opinion, calls for a new definition. One reads about the new human being often enough in all kinds of texts. I will try to sum up, what I have come up with so far. And I will be really glad to hear your comments. A strong person in the New Age would be somebody compassionate and humble enough to forgive.

Here I must stress that compassion should not be turned towards the person giving it. I am sure you are familiar with the old saying: Forgive, but don’t forget. Everybody deserves a second chance, but make sure not to give one a million chances. It is actually very good for the person not to get a third chance, because this is the only way for one to learn. In a way it is compassionate to teach one a lesson. Also, you have to protect yourself. Forgiving is mandatory, because grudges are bad for our health. But forgiving does not mean that we are going to let the same person take advantage of us again and again. Hence the saying: Forgive, but don’t forget. I remember reading in a book by H. C. Cutler and His Holiness The Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness (1998), that it is actually compassionate to put people to prison, because the society gives them a chance to repay their debts and learn from it.

Furthermore, in my opinion, a strong person in the New Age would be somebody humble enough to obey orders of a group leader and not always trying to get it his or her way just for the sake of being right.

Again, I would like to point out the limitations of that. Firstly, the group leader should be appointed democratically and not by means of oppression. The leader should be qualified both in the field of expertise the group is dealing with, as she or he should also possess a leader personality: be strict, but fair, be capable of making quick decisions, have goals in mind, but not totally forget the needs of people in the group. Should the leader show breaches of integrity, the members of the group have the right to rebel.

A strong person of the New Age, in my opinion, would also be respectful to people who serve. Treating somebody like one’s personal slave, just because she is a waitress or just because he is a post office clerk, is not just mean, but also prehistoric.

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