Swimsuit Season

My moto for the swimsuit season.

The beauty of variety: Nigritella nigra.

It is the swimsuit season. Time of revelation. The big question is: what will be revealed? Skinny legs or ample curves? The funny notion of looking good in a bathing suit is actually a statement of uniformity. According to the standards of fashion we should all look the same. We should all be skinny.

Why on one hand we try to preserve the animal and plant variation on the planet, while on the other hand the human beings should all be the same? There is little logic in that. Would it help, if we were to be divided into subspecies like: small, medium, large and extra-large? Would it assist us in acquiring a better self-image, if a scientific classification allowed us to be different? Who knows. Of course I am not trying to say that any weight is acceptable. If one should gain so much weight that is becomes hazardous for one’s health, one should try to lose some pounds. Please always consult your doctor regarding weight issues.

In the last couple of years I have put on a few pounds. Then, in 2015, I decided I wanted to put an end to gaining weight. I decided to avoid sugar and exercise more. The plan worked. I even lost some pounds. I still weigh a bit more than I should according to fashion standards, but it is O.K. I have accepted my-self the way I am: a bit ample.

And you know why I have finally accepted myself the way I am? Because I am gracious enough to let our era be the era of skinny girls. After a long long time thin women are finally fashionable. And I believe it benevolent for the whole human kind if we let them be popular. If we let them be on stage, while we watch and find ourselves comfortable not being as thin as fashionable.

The fashion in itself is exclusive. It only glorifies one version of a human being. So what! Are we going to be frustrated, if we were born to have some curves? Is a mountain road frustrated with its curves? No. The mountain road does not care. It enjoys the views and is not at all envious of the straight motorways on the plains. Live the life of an unfashionable person and let the fashionable people finally have their place in history. This is my moto for the swimsuit season. What about yours?

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